David Plummer – CEO and Managing Partner at Triage

“David has been a peer and a friend for many years. Having trodden almost identical paths (in recruitment and life), and knowing his journey to Saltwater, there are few people I would trust more. David has taught me many things, but the thing I most value is his ability to understand the problem, figure it out and then get it done. It is this that made David the obvious person to help launch Triage in EMEA”.

Isobel Burns – Director, ISE Partners

“I have known and worked with Helen for many years, and whilst the businesses she worked in faced constant change and often-acute media attention, she continued to show herself to be one of the most tenacious, astute, and commercially focussed HR Managers that I have had the pleasure of working with; formulating and working to mutli-level HR and hiring strategies that had to be adjustable and robust. These involved not only the identification and selection of the most appropriate recruitment partner, but also the internal stakeholder management, requiring strong influence, robust presentation, and a high degree of diplomacy.

Her ability to understand the goals and direction of the business, and to identify people and roles that will add value to this, consistently stood her out from the crowd. She is open minded and adaptable to change, both of which enable her to quickly assimilate and gain clarity in her understanding of the business she is working with in order to deliver a solid, professional and human project.”

Henry Ford – Director to the Investment Committee €6B PE fund

“Helen is a professional. I have known and worked with Helen for years when she helped me find the strategic talent for our PE fund. She was most amiable in dealing with candidates, external recruiters and the complex of recruitment issues while managing our demanding internal stakeholders. Helen’s cheerful responsiveness and experience seemed to make the quality of my hiring assignments simpler.”

Tim Moynihan - Serial NED/Chairman of private and PE backed recruitment/resourcing businesses.

Currently Tim’s portfolio includes Huntswood and McGinley Support Services and has aggregate revenues of more than £350m.

“As an NED I first worked with David nearly 20 years ago. I’ve been fortunate to follow his development and subsequently introduced him two businesses where I was Chairman. Initially David was a driving sales manager but grew into a people and process focused manager, delivering results for clients, colleagues and owners/investors. David has developed into an impressive manager and exec. Personally effective, likeable and able to influence and guide, he has a broad range of experience and the skill to be an outstanding advisor.”


Andrew Goodman – Chairman at JSA Services, serial recruitment entrepreneur

“I have known Dave for 18 years. He has made significant progress in developing his portfolio of skills whilst always backing them up with real drive and determination to succeed at whatever he does. He has an unusual mix of entrepreneurial and corporate experience and I am sure will be instrumental in creating a successful outcome for investors in NP.”

Stewart Rogers - Chairman of a portfolio of both private and PE backed recruitment businesses, currently including Morgan McKinley; Nurse Plus, Templine and Hallam Medical.

“With any testimonial I believe it is important that the reader is given some context in which it is given. My current portfolio of Chairmanships within the sector, when combined, add up to an entity that has a turnover approaching£500m; NFI of over £120m and EBITDA of c£30m and over the years I have been on the Board of more than a dozen recruitment industry organisations.

Turning to David, I have known him for close to 20 years since he was a senior consultant and have acted as both a formal and informal mentor to him over the years. It is fair to say that David has grown to be an accomplished MD within the sector and a proven business leader. He has the rare mix of having both good strategic thinking capability and strong operational delivery skills. I particularly admire his commitment to looking at issues from the client's perspective and tailoring solutions accordingly.

I would recommend him to almost any business in the sector. He will work with you; he will challenge you but always deliver for you.

P.S. He's also a nice guy and fun to work with - which should not be underestimated in choosing an adviser.”

Eli Shamoon – O&H Properties (NP Group investor)

“David’s energy and determination has had a transformational effect on our business.”